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Seeing is Believing

Only PCoIP® technology is trusted by performance-demanding users to deliver a secure, full fidelity and outstanding user experience over the most challenging network conditions.

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Not all display protocols are created equal

If you have ever accessed a remote workspace, you’ve experienced some kind of remote display protocol. Did you know that your experience is highly dependent on the protocol used?

PC-over-IP (PCoIP®) technology delivers a secure, high-definition and highly responsive computing experience. It uses advanced display compression to allow users remote access to their on-premises workstations or virtual machine instances in local data centers or public clouds from a broad range of endpoint devices.

Other protocols offer additional brute force lossless modes to overcome compression artifacts – these typically burden your network or your compute resources, resulting in throttled throughput and compromised interactivity.

But with PCoIP technology, there is little difference for the user between working with a local computer or from a remote endpoint receiving a PCoIP streamed pixel representation of their desktop and applications. And from an IT perspective, remote desktops are more secure as no data ever leaves the corporate environment.

The PCoIP protocol is designed for lossless support, which is critical for high-performance use cases such as medical diagnostics, geospatial analysis and media production.

PCoIP technology uses a fully reversible color space conversion, resulting in remote reproduction of image colors precisely as intended by graphics applications - no guesswork required by users.

Your business is not one-size-fits-all, so don’t choose a one-size-fits-all codec. PCoIP Ultra ensures efficient delivery of any content to any endpoint, leveraging proven PCoIP intrinsic and third party codecs to meet the needs of IT architects and discerning users alike.

The PCoIP protocol dynamically adapts to network conditions in real time. Adaptive encoders automatically deliver the best possible user experience under changing network conditions.

With PCoIP algorithms, anti-aliased text types remain crisp, clear and always readable.

Text Clarity

Research has shown that specialized anti-aliasing techniques applied to display fonts are vital to word recognition, reading speed, comprehension and can even reduce mental fatigue.

Lossy protocols struggle with anti-aliased text such as Microsoft ClearType or Adobe TrueType, even when configured for high quality operation modes.

Color Accuracy

Some protocols are tied to chroma sub-sampled techniques such as YUV 4:2:0 compression which saves bandwidth by approximating the color of images delivered to your screen. Such inaccurate color reproduction is unacceptable in industries such as advertising, publishing or media and entertainment, exposing content creators to unproductive guesswork and impairing the adoption of remote computing. Meanwhile, protocols that attempt color accuracy via manual lossless modes do so at the expense of compromised frame rates and high bandwidth utilization.

PCoIP lossless technology delivers accurate color and texture for any use case.

Distortion-Free Graphics

PCoIP Ultra is optimized for truly lossless support with bit-exact color accuracy and preservation of content detail, vital in many industries such as media & entertainment, architecture, engineering & construction, healthcare, manufacturing & design, and oil & gas.

Unlike other protocols, PCoIP features precise build-to-lossless capability to deliver the highest frame rates, even at 4K/UHD resolution, without greedy bandwidth consumption.

Dynamic Network Adaptation

Imagine a scenario where the dynamics of your desktop are perfectly understood by algorithms optimized for all kinds of screen content including static, complex and natural images as well as text, video and intensive graphics.

Intelligent Auto-Offload Processing

Toss out those unwieldy per-user optimizations tied to specific workloads, last mile network conditions and endpoint capabilities. PCoIP Ultra Auto-Offload strikes the perfect balance between image fidelity, CPU utilization and network efficiency every time. A huge win for managing home user deployments!

Efficient Multicore CPU Scaling

PCoIP Ultra offers unprecedented compression efficiency, especially on modern multi-core CPU architectures. Whether you leverage the significant multithread AVX2 enhancements or take advantage of third party GPU offload, you’ll free valuable CPU resources for heavy workloads and increased server consolidation.

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Freedom to Choose

PCoIP supports on-premises, hybrid and leading public cloud environments.

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