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PCoIP® technology offers ultra-secure access to data, regardless of isolation or classification requirements. PCoIP solutions eliminate any need for deskside applications and data, thereby ensuring robust access control and the highest grade of security.

PCoIP solutions minimize infrastructure complexity, reduce costs and provide a seamless end-user experience regardless of user device or location.


Bell Helicopter

Engineers run multi-terabyte 3D simulations from zero clients and laptops

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Keep content and data secure in your data center
(the corporate stuff that would get your boss fired if it ever leaked)

Based on our secure PCoIP remote display protocol that connects more than 15 million endpoints around the globe, no data or business information leaves the safety of the corporate network. With PCoIP technology, only display information in the form of fully encrypted pixels are transferred to the remote endpoint and with Multi-Factor Authentication, only the right users can connect. This is why IT administrators from top government agencies and large media & entertainment studios trust Teradici CAS to keep their data and content secure.

You choose the infrastructure and hardware

When we say Teradici CAS works on any host environment, we mean it. Employees and contractors can remotely access their Windows, Linux or macOS desktops that are on physical workstations, on-prem data centers, or hosted in public clouds. Even dark site deployments are supported.

And the same is true on the client side, unless your team is trying to access their remote desktop from a 2005 flip phone. With CAS remoting software, IT teams can leverage whatever endpoint devices are in the office or what users have sitting around at home, without compromising security.

Keep users productive everywhere and anywhere

The PCoIP protocol, which enables Teradici CAS connections, was designed to deliver interactive applications, regardless of network conditions. It’s a multi-codec solution that dynamically adapts, encodes and delivers the most accurate and distortion-free experience. CAS remoting software also enhances desktop performance, as data, compute, and graphics are in the same environment, eliminating data transfer times and improving user productivity. Offering uncompromised 4K/UHD throughput, efficient scaling across multicore CPUs and intelligent Auto-Offload between CPU and GPU encoder resources, Teradici CAS makes users forget they’re not in the office or at their workstation (unless of course they are in the office working on a virtual machine).

PCoIP Technology

Trusted by the Top Federal Agencies


AES 256

for the best in security


PCoIP Zero Clients

reach “Implementation Under Test” phase
of NIST’s FIPS 140-2 government validation


ITAR compliant

with AWS Cloud

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Our high-performance remote desktop and workstation software seamlessly provides the resolution, sound, and color fidelity users need to create and work from anywhere.



Users access their remote machines, applications, and data from any PCoIP Zero Client, thin client, PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet from anywhere.


PCoIP Connection

Common applications our customers use include AutoCAD, BIM 360, Revit, Bentley, Nemetschek, Trimble and more​


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