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Professional Services

Partner with Teradici to simplify your IT transformation..

Modernize and Future-proof your IT with Virtualization

Wherever you are on your path to virtualization, the Teradici team has already navigated the territory.

Our Professional Services team provides the knowledge and experience to help you succeed when implementing PCoIP solutions. We collaborate closely with our product and support teams to ensure an efficient engagement with you. As your trusted PCoIP technology partner, we will help design, integrate and optimize your PCoIP deployments, so you can focus on your core business.

PCoIP Deployments

PCoIP Deployments

A personalized solution, designed and installed in under 5 days

Our team will help your business move up to three applications or workspaces to any public cloud, on-premises data center, or hybrid environment. Once deployed, we will validate via extensive user experience testing with your staff, providing a full total cost of ownership report upon completion.

Within 5 days, you will have a secure, fully functional PCoIP deployment and a complete understanding of how Teradici CAS could benefit your organization.

PCoIP Training and Health Check

Optimize your existing PCoIP deployment

PCoIP Training and Health Check is designed for those that have a PCoIP solution in place and want to train their IT staff on the latest PCoIP features. Our team will conduct in-depth training, product installation, configuration, management, and troubleshooting.

Detailed recommendations and optimizations on how to further improve the PCoIP system design will also be provided so you have full insight on how to best manage and optimize your PCoIP setup.

PCoIP Training and Health Check

Custom PCoIP Solutions

Custom PCoIP Solutions

A custom solution delivered based on your business requirements

Designed for a full integration of PCoIP technology into your organization, our PCoIP experts will work with your organization for 5 days to define a detailed Statement of Work that aligns with your business goals, whether that involves integrating workloads into a specific public cloud, on-premises data center, hybrid or multicloud environment, or designing and building a personalized setup with a custom PCoIP solution.

We will help you define the Statement of Work to capture key requirements, an outline of how to deliver them, a risk mitigation plan, and an estimated cost projection. With the Statement of Work in place, Teradici will assign a dedicated long-term project manager to ensure execution of the defined deliverables. You will receive a production-ready solution tailored to your infrastructure.