Virtual CAD Workstations for Today’s Remote Workforce

Teradici PCoIP technology and Cloud Access Software, along with AMD GPU-partitioning in Microsoft Azure can provide remote CAD/CAM/CAE with graphic-heavy workflows the best performance, reliability and IP security.

Date: Feb 16, 2021

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Remote Production – Rebuilding for the Future

Join a panel of industry experts for a conversation about a range of technologies and techniques that can be applied to make the transition to remote production as painless as possible. Important considerations such as stranded assets, networking requirements, hybrid workflows and staff training will be discussed.

Date: Dec 9, 2020

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Simplify Desktops with One Solution Across Physical, Virtual, and Cloud

We will discuss how virtual machines can be securely hosted on-premises via multiple public clouds or in hybrid situations. Find out the top considerations that reduce government IT headaches.

Date: Nov 19, 2020

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Re-Imagining the Government Workplace

Join ClearCube, Teradici, and Carahsoft to learn how government agencies can: ensure agile, scalable, and cost-effective virtual desktop infrastructure, reduce attack risk and comply with government security requirements, deliver an end-to-end secure, seamless remote work experience, leverage private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid environments for efficient IT.

Date: Nov 10, 2020

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How to Build a Strong & Secure Distributed Development Organization

Increasing engineering velocity with a secure virtual office-as-a-service (OaaS).

Date: Oct 21, 2020

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