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Unrivaled Broadcasting Technology for Today’s Forward-Thinking Studios

For video editors and creative professionals within dynamic broadcasting studios looking to leverage open IP standards and increase flexibility using virtual workstations and Teradici solutions for media production.

Professionals in the broadcasting industry depend on secure access to powerful editorial workstations. PCoIP technology adds flexibility to your production workflow by offering remote workstations, accessible from anywhere, without compromising user experience.

Stay connected to your virtual broadcast studio and work remotely from anywhere, whether your assets are secured in your own data center or your choice of public cloud.

Powering Virtualized Broadcast Infrastructure

Accelerated by the need for enabling remote work, the post-KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) technology era in broadcast studio access has arrived. Visualize and interact with media workloads from anywhere with Teradici PCoIP solutions.

For over a decade, Teradici has established a solid track record with media and entertainment organizations worldwide, powering remote graphics workloads in a highly secure manner. A high fidelity desktop experience is delivered as an encrypted pixel stream to your choice of endpoint device while your content remains secured in your data center. Over 80% of post-production studios that leverage centralized workstations look to PCoIP technology to serve their remote access needs. PCoIP technology is renowned for delivering premium image quality, high interactivity, and smooth frame playout over any network.

The Result: streamlined content production even under the most demanding environments. Television and other broadcast studios are ideally positioned to take advantage of remote workstations for video editing bays, play-out tools, video loggers and even mobile production units. As control rooms are shifting to IP-based workflows decentralized from hardware, remote desktops pave the way for efficiency and flexibility within broadcasting without compromising performance.

Video Editors, Rejoice! Seamless Editorial Needs and Workflows

Teradici actively collaborates with leading video editorial giants such as Adobe and Avid to ensure consistently high performance and product compatibility via our strategic partnerships. These integrated solutions offer end-users high interactivity, premium image quality, smooth frame play-out and a software upgrade path to future HDR solutions on their editing platform of choice. Broadcast IT departments benefit from the flexibility of a seamless hybrid cloud architecture, offering production and editorial staff either on-premises or public cloud workstation resources, all realized within a unified connection management environment.

Challenging Remote Work Scenarios

Teradici Teradici CAS, an end-to-end, ultra-secure software solution for next-generation virtualized studios enables a flick-of-a-switch transition for post-production crew, even under difficult or varying network conditions. Plus, no need for VPN connectivity to virtualized edit bays from home or mobile studios.

While proprietary KVM technology provided an early catalyst to centralization of studio resources coupled via SDI networks, the shift to virtualization and IP infrastructure is game-changing for infrastructure cost-optimization and flexibility. Not only are studios seamlessly extending footprints into the cloud for economical storage and server resources, the realization of full-blown workstations streamed over IP networks provides consolidated on-premises resources, augmented by geo-flexible pay-as-you-go workstations in any major public cloud for broadcasting contractors, mobile teams or work-from-home production crews.

Ultimate Flexibility, Management, and Scalability

The switch to software-based virtualized desktop infrastructure also cuts the need for many expensive KVM upgrades. Teradici Teradici CAS includes a comprehensive management solution, Cloud Access Manager, that enables highly-scalable and cost-effective desktop and workstation deployments. Cloud Access Manager provides user entitlements, brokers secure connections between users and desktops, offers multi-factor authentication and manages cloud computing costs by powering resources up and down strictly as-needed.

Cloud Access Manager supports hybrid and multicloud scenarios, including on-premises environments – offering seamless connectivity no matter where your desktops, data, and compute power are located, whether in studio edit bays or any of the leading public cloud providers. Under unified connection management and a single administrator pane, Cloud Access Manager brokers, scales, and manages your compute costs.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategies

The virtualized broadcast studio offers a major advantage over its aging hardwired SDI counterpart – the ability to have readily-accessible, back-up virtual workstations safely on standby in a public cloud that can be spun up at a moment’s notice, in times of natural disasters, catastrophic events, or simply when data center agility is needed. Incrementally add remote desktops with ease and ensure you’re always ready to address the surprise computing needs of your staff. IT downtime or unexpected interruptions for your business is inevitable. Whether it be a few minutes or a few hours, the consequences can be very costly. For production workflows to be re-established quickly takes a virtual desktop solution that delivers on rapid deployment, accessibility, ease of use, security, and performance.

Unrivalled Remote User Experience for Key Applications

Access your go-to applications such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Editshare EFS and many others configured for multi-monitor environments, up to 4K/UHD display topologies, including lossless text and color accuracy – no more blocky compression artifacts imposed by the display protocol. The PCoIP protocol has a trusted history embraced by distinguished studios worldwide for unrivalled user experience compared to alternatives. Use your Wacom devices for artistic editing with near-imperceptible interactive latency and experience acceleration for post-production work, even over difficult high latency WAN conditions.

Stay Compliant with Content Security Best Practices using PCoIP Solutions

Major studios rely on PCoIP technology to achieve security compliance related to content networks. Using Teradici CAS, media assets are securely isolated in the data center, only accessible from authorized network endpoints as an encrypted stream of pixels. Because media files themselves are never downloaded to the endpoints, intellectual property remains at studio-grade security, no matter what software applications are used to access your content.

Enterprise subscriptions

Our enterprise subscriptions for organizations wanting to deploy Teradici CAS allow you to scale based on your internal demand for remote desktops and workstations – you’re welcome. Our subscriptions are based on the number of concurrent PCoIP connections used (a minimum of 5 is required given the initial setup required to implement).

The CA subscription gives you access to the PCoIP Standard Agent and is designed for applications that run solely on the CPU to process the workload.

The CA+ subscription unlocks the PCoIP Graphics Agent and supports applications that require GPUs to support graphic-intensive workloads.

If you’d like to talk with someone about whether or not CAS is right for your organization, we’d love to connect. Let's connect