Enterprise subscriptions for Teradici® CAS and Remote Workstation Cards

You’re one step closer to implementing the best remoting experience for your organization

Whether you’re looking to implement a full Teradici CAS deployment or leverage PCoIP® Remote Workstation Cards (aka host cards), we’ve got an enterprise subscription that can scale with your deployment needs.

Our subscriptions are based on the number of concurrent PCoIP connections used (minimum 5). Another way to think about it is you pay for the connection, not the software. The brilliant part of this model (at least we think so) is that everything is included – the agents, clients, management tools, support, and the kitchen sink (joking, no kitchen sinks are shipped when you purchase a subscription from Teradici). But here is what you do get:


Your subscription includes...

Teradici CAS

Deliver a secure, high-definition, uncompromising remote desktop and workstation experience to any user anywhere, on any device, from any on-prem, cloud or hybrid environment. CAS deployments are made up of three core software components: PCoIP Agents in host environment, PCoIP Clients in endpoints, and CAS Manager.

PCoIP hardware support

The latest software, firmware, and brokering tools for PCoIP Zero Clients and PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards

Endpoint flexibility

Users can access their remote desktops from PCs, laptops, tablets, PCoIP-Enabled Thin Clients or ultra-secure PCoIP Zero Clients. Software Clients are available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS devices

Premium support

24x7 support from Teradici, the inventors of PCoIP technology

PCoIP Management Console Enterprise

Manage up to 20,000 endpoints from a single console, with features such as auto-config, scheduling, certificates, and more

What our customers are saying

Decision time

You’ve got two options and it all boils down to whether you require a GPU for graphics-intensive applications (CA+ with Graphics Agent) or if your desktops run solely off a CPU (CA with Standard Agent).


$ 120

per concurrent user (min 5),
per year*


$ 240

per concurrent user (min 5),
per year*

*1-year term, paid up front   |   Save 20% on a 3-year subscription   |   Enterprise volume discounts are available

Cloud License Server and Local License Server licenses are available. See KB article 1030 for additional details.

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