Customer Story

ATK PLN adds artist workstations and render nodes on demand — with Teradici Teradici CAS and Google Cloud

ATK PLN Animation Studios

ATK PLN (pronounced “attack plan”) is a design-first creative studio with expertise in design, animation, and live action. Fusing rich visuals with feature film finesse, ATK PLN tells stories on screens of all sizes. Award-winning projects range from the animation logo for Paramount to ads for Lay’s Poppables and McDonalds, to The LEGO Movie 2 and LEGO Batman. ATK PLN is a sister company to Reel FX Animation Studios.

ATK PLN Doritos commercial


  • Enable artists to work from anywhere, on any device, without compromising performance or security
  • Quickly add freelancer workstations and rendering capacity
  • Protect clients’ intellectual property
  • Give artists the latest hardware, for a competitive edge


  • During the pandemic, installed Teradici Teradici CAS on office workstations and employees’ personal devices
  • For freelancers in other locations, provisioned virtual workstations on Google Cloud, accessible from any device with Teradici Teradici CAS
  • Built a temporary render farm with 200+ nodes on Google Cloud, managing the supervisor node via Teradici Teradici CAS


  • Quickly transitioned to working from home during the pandemic
  • Gained an edge in attracting and retaining artists by offering remote work option
  • Rendered 15TB of data (400 stereo frames output) in Google Cloud overnight
  • Protected creative content by never storing it on endpoints

Teradici CAS is available for
Windows and Linux environments