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Jellyfish Pictures hires top talent anywhere, delivering virtual desktops from Microsoft Azure using Teradici Teradici CAS

Jellyfish Studios

Rapid growth spurred Jellyfish Pictures to re-think the way it delivers graphics desktops. Visual special effects (VFX) artists in the company’s Central London and Brixton studios work on physical graphics workstations. When planning two new animation studios in Oval, South London, the company decided to forego on-site servers and storage. Instead, Jellyfish built a private VFX cloud in the Brixton studio. Artists in the Oval studios access their virtual desktops over the network using Dell Wyse Zero Clients powered by Teradici PCoIP technology. To add desktops for freelancers, Jellyfish extended the VFX private cloud to Microsoft Azure using Teradici Teradici CAS, Graphics Edition.



  • Quickly provide graphics applications and desktops for employees and freelancers in any location
  • Minimize IT and real estate costs in new studios
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Foster creativity by simplifying collaboration


  • Hybrid cloud for visual effects (VFX)
    • Built private cloud using PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards
    • Extended private cloud to Microsoft Azure using Teradici Teradici CAS, Graphics Edition
  • Dell Wyse PCoIP Zero Clients


  • Increased capacity and agility: can hire freelancers in any location
  • Avoided approximately US$100,000 expense for servers and storage in new studios
  • Strengthened security by not storing content on endpoints
  • Eliminated hours a week spent collaborating on large video files